Zodiac Sign's Worst Habit

Aries: Interrupting

We all have poor habits—human. it's We can improve our flaws. Self-reflection is the first stage. 

Your strong personality—ambitious, egotistical, and outspoken—may annoy some. Aries' brains move a million miles a minute, so you speak before you think and interrupt people. It's rude, but not to hurt someone. 

Aries: Interrupting

Taurus is the most practical & pragmatic sign. You endure hardships better than anyone else. Retail therapy is your vice. "Taurus love to spend money," says Bre. 

Taurus: Overspending

Cancer, you're easily withdrawn. You appear calm under pressure because you can hide your emotions. When things get too much, you retreat into your shell for days or weeks.

Cancer: Stagnation

Leo, you like the spotlight. You're charming & funny, making it easy to win friends & take the spotlight. Sometimes with diva behavior. Despite feeling like the sun revolves around you, you can't keep folks waiting while you get ready. 

Leo: Late

Virgo, constructive criticism is your love language. However, your blunt honesty, even when no one asked for it, may offend more sensitive people. "Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac.


Libra, you're a phone addict. You're a social media queen & a scales sign. How else can you update people on your amazing goings-on? "They spend time curating, collecting, & chatting," Bre explains.

Libra: Constantly calling

Sagittarius is here for fun, not forever. You're always on the go, so you don't waste time with individuals you don't like. "Once the energy is off, a Sagittarius gets out of there," adds Bre.

Sagittarius: Abandoning

Workaholic Capricorns may not be organized. The more comfortable you are with a task, the more likely you are to put it off until the last minute, causing yourself & others unnecessary worry." 


You're independent, intellectual, & curious, so you question everything. Many people like your perspective & desire to challenge the current quo, but others find your urge to do things "your way" bossy. 

Aquarius: Opposing

Pisces are known for being sentimental sweethearts. And while it's true that you have a romantic streak, your dreaminess goes beyond wishing for castles & fairytale weddings.

Pisces: Daydreaming

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