Zodiac-Based Board Game

Puzzles aren't only for youngsters. Tabletop games range from mind-bending puzzles to super-strategic pursuits. Looking for a competitive dinner party game?

Aries are assertive & daring. You play to win at business & in love. With Mars in your sign, you want a board game that combines impulse & logic.

Aries : Risk

Taurus, you're a lover, not a fighter. Unlike other signs who appear to be continuously battling with one another, you choose to take the slow approach & concentrate on your own aims. 

Catan (Taurus)

Quick-witted & silver-tongued, Gemini, your mind is always racing at a million miles per hour. You can't help but find yourself in the middle of every conversation. 

Scrabble, (Gemini)

Some folks may think you're too kind to throw elbows at game night. You're an empathetic sign with a competitive streak.

Coding (Cancer)

Who says being dramatic is bad, Leo? Your enthusiasm draws & maintains people's attention. Guesstures will keep your group laughing the next time you get together.

Leo : Guesstures

You're quiet & watchful. Like Gemini, you're ruled by Mercury, but you're a detective. Because of your great observation, you often win unnoticed. Clue challenges decoding.

Clue, Virgo!

You respect a social gathering's aesthetics & ambiance as much as the guest list. You may look prim & polite to outsiders, but you're wacky around pals.

Scorpio: Life's Game

Scorpio, you're difficult. Your cool & charming exterior hides a deeper personality. Your water sign nature makes you good at reading people's motives.

Scorpio : Chess

People may think you're the zodiac's carefree explorer, but you're smarter than they think. You're continually seeking fresh knowledge, whether through travel. 

Trivia : Sagittarius

You're clever, realistic, & money-focused. You prefer to relax & let loose, but what really excites you is being strategic & chances are given how eager you are to succeed. 

Capricorn : Monopoly

You're a bit of a rebel, Aquarius, but you already knew that. While everyone else follows the leader, you're looking for a way to shake things up. 

Aquarius : Taboo

You're happiest as the zodiac's creative sign. You're less concerned about winning than having fun with your friends. Pictionary is perfect for your next game night.

Pisces : Pictionary

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