Helping others isn't a sign of a saviour complex. Anyone can help others. If you take risks or volunteer too much, you may have a saviour complex.

You like helping others

Being kind is a loving act. If your self-worth depends on being needed, you may go to extremes.

It determines your self worth

Two codependents need each other to survive and thrive. You may have a saviour complex if you think you're vital to the needs of others besides your children.

You are codependent

People with a saviour complex believe they can overcome life's obstacles. They always have a solution. If this is you, you'll think you're helping when you're not. Incorrect information could cause irreparable harm. Your hero complex blinds you.

Your way is best

People with saviour complexes will do anything for power and praise. Their happiness doesn't last long. As appreciation pours in, they feel empowered. Even when they don't want to, they help to gain influence.

You crave power

It's white saviour complex. Whites think they're better than other races. Due to their assumed white privilege, they help minoritieas even if they don't ask. They interfer often.

Racism makes you feel superior

Those with a saviour complex need vulnerable people to live out their fantasies. Saviours need victims like peanut butter needs jelly. You're drawn to the suffering and believe you can help them.

Weak people attract you

People like to be heard. Done. A nonjudgmental ear is needed. Not heroic. It's hard to listen when you have the perfect solution. Always fixing things, you can't listen.

Always a solution

A saviour complex will give you the perfect life plan. Saviors believe they have magical powers. A saviour complex sufferer may suggest a career, hobby, or diet to get credit.

You alter others

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