Yams vs. Sweet Potatoes: Differences

It's easy to mistake sweet potatoes for yams when perusing a fall farm stand or Thanksgiving display. 

Sweet potatoes & yams are separate vegetables that have become interchangeable over time. 

"Candied yams" may actually be sweet potatoes. A grocer may call sweet potatoes "yams." Confused easily. 

So, here's a simple explanation of yams vs. sweet potatoes. Beauregard, garnet, & gem are popular US sweet potato varieties. 

Copper skins, orange meat, tapering ends. Most are juicy and bake well. Sweet potatoes are tender & firm. 

Textures, consistencies, internal & external colors differ. Okinawa sweet potatoes, called beni-mo, with gray skins & purple innards. 

Boniato & satsuma-imo are white- & yellow-fleshed sweet potatoes with Cuban & Japanese names. 

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