Women's Sacrifice for relationship

Do you put up with disrespectful people in your life because you believe they'll eventually grow up? 

Do you sometimes wish you'd said "No" when asked to do something for someone else? 

Alternatively, perhaps you have a habit of apologizing when no apology is warranted. 

Such actions reveal a fundamental lack of regard for oneself, & they lead nowhere but to failure. 

Without mutual respect, couples are less likely to work through their differences, more likely to harbor anger & resentment, & more likely to be mistrusted by one another. 

The truth is that you can't have a mutually respectful relationship with someone unless you can respect yourself first.

 Having a healthy amount of regard for one's humanity. pride in one's own accomplishments Contentment & assurance with one's own abilities.

 Having self-respect entails having confidence in oneself & acting in a moral & honest manner at all times. 

As so, it forms a triad with self-acceptance &-love, leading to a more positive view of oneself. Together, they form a stable platform from which you can explore the world & engage with other people. 

Believing in one's own qualities & capacity is essential to acting in a characterful & upright manner. 

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