Winter-Friendly Plants

University of Minnesota Extension suggests taking cuttings, moving the plant indoors, or conserving bare-root dormant plants. 

Whether you have a sunny indoor area for geraniums determines the best strategy. 

Geraniums need sun or grow lights. They prefer 60 to 65 degrees, cooler than most households. 

In early spring, trim geraniums by half to encourage new growth. Big, vigorous Boston ferns are hard to part with. 

Before temps dip below 60 degrees, cut back any dried or straggly fronds, shake off any dried leaves, & water well. 

Inside, indirect light suffices. Place the fern on damp gravel or tiny rocks to increase humidity. 

Despite dropping leaves, the fern should live till April. Rex begonias have the finest foliage, making them enticing as year-round houseplants. 

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