Which European city is best for your zodiac sign?

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As an Aries, you love going out. Dublin's pub scene, ancient castles, and food and drink are must sees.

Aries: Dublin, Ireland

Taurus is flexible. You prefer spontaneity to planning. Budapest is always fun. Snack while boating, driving, biking, or walking.

Taurus: Budapest, Hungary

You'll love Barcelona's nightlife, Gemini. Social butterflies like you would thrive in all European cities, but Barcelona is best.

Gemini: Barcelona, Spain

We think you'd enjoy wandering the streets of Vienna when you're tired. Visit coffee shops and the city's history to meet interesting people.

Cancer: Vienna, Austria

Leos travel lavishly. Madrid is your best European option. Daytime is filled with historic sites. Even with high hopes, nightlife never disappoints.

Leo: Madrid, Spain

Virgos rarely leave their comfort zone. You'd rather be prepared than try something new. You're still open to trying new things and visiting new places with your friends.

Virgo: London, England

Rome is great. You'll love Rome's history, romance, and pasta. People envy your social skills as a Libra. Even if you're not fluent in Italian, you'd fit in here.

Libra: Rome, Italy

Scorpios are known for their charm, so you're probably good at love. How about the city of love? Paris is the most thriving European city.

Scorpio: Paris, France

Sagittarians love to travel. You're not afraid of new places and good at navigating. You prefer to travel alone because you never know who you'll meet.

Sagittarius: Prague

Capricorns stick to plans. You may not always be up for adventure, but a fun vacation will change that. Stockholm is the easiest European city to navigate, so visit there. Effectively plan.

Capricorn: Stockholm

Aquarius, you probably don't feel awkward when meeting new people. You're laid-back yet energetic and adventurous. Frankfurt is one of the most versatile European cities.

Aquarius: Frankfurt

You're intuitive and love travelling to understand yourself better. Who can resist Amsterdam's canals and tulips?

Pisces: Amsterdam

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