What's special about MFC?

You're in luck if you crave fried chicken. This classic Southern dish is a global phenomenon that many cuisines have interpreted. 

Styles of fried chicken around the world include sweet-&-spicy Korean yangnyeom-tomdak, Taiwanese sweet potato starch-coated yan su ji, & Austrian backhendl, eaten with lemon & fried parsley leaves. 

If you crave fried chicken, you can try a different kind each week. 

If you're not traveling soon, you can try a style of fried chicken closer to home. 

Maryland fried chicken is a rich, decadent twist on fried poultry you'll want to try out or at home. 

If you've ever worked on a huge, flour-dredged, fat-fried chicken-fried steak, you know it's not diet food. Delicious & rich, the dish is served with mashed potatoes, white bread, & corn on the cob. 

Maryland fried chicken is effectively chicken-fried steak without the cube steak, according to Serious Eats. 

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