We'll never stop eating diner classics

Chicken fried steak is cooked with cube steak, not chicken (most often tenderized top round or top sirloin). 

Battered & fried, it's wonderful with creamy gravy & is called "country fried steak" in some US locations. 

Salisbury steak is ground beef patties coated with mushroom gravy. It's also cheap, so try this quick recipe at home. 

Meatloaf is a popular American comfort meal. Many diners provide this rich, comforting dish. 

It's easy to make & inexpensive. This diner-style meal uses tangy homemade BBQ sauce. Western omelets are hearty because to egg protein & flavorful toppings like ham, bell peppers, & onions. 

This straightforward recipe bakes an omelet for the whole family. Hash browns are a diner staple. It's delicious with country eggs & buttered bread. 

Cheeseburgers are irresistible. Most diners offered grilled items on a gas-fueled flat top, but you can easily create them on a conventional grill. 

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