Unique Ways to Improve Unhappy Relationships

Do you quarrel & moan more than you're happy? If so, your relationship is affecting your mental health. 

This causes irritation, broken communication, & external concentration. 

You've probably considered leaving your lover countless times. Nope. 

You do this because you truly love your partner. If so, we can help you & your partner reconnect. 

First, figure out what's wrong. Sabrina Romanoff, PsyD, clinical psychologist & professor at Yeshiva University, says unhappy partners often stay together. 

They hope things will return to normal. They also criticize the other individual. 

When you try to modify your partner, they feel like they're losing control of their life & must justify every decision. 

When your values & beliefs disagree, things may be fine at first, but they tend to get uncomfortable with time. 

When you don't let go of the past, relationship happiness plummets. Thinking about how good & easy things were in the beginning will prevent you from living in the moment & resolving disputes. 

Know how badly you want to save your relationship. Be honest about how much you want things to work out between you two. 

People don't communicate how they feel because they hope things will return to normal. Communicate well. Instead of criticizing your partner, act protective. 

Share your feelings. Share your ideas for improving things. 

Be thankful. If things are getting worse, take a break. This will help you understand your relationship & communicate more clearly.

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