Introvert or Extrovert? Ways to Determine Your Personality

Today's personality types are various. ʼ One of the simplest personality tests is introverts & extroverts. ʼ 

An introvert might like socializing. ʼ Psychotherapist, relationship expert, & author Anita Astley thinks there are numerous myths about introverts. 

Astley argues introverts are misconstrued as shy, antisocial, & self-centered. 

Astley believes introverts "concentrate on their interior ideas & feelings rather than external factors" while making judgments. 

They prefer to solve problems alone rather than with others. Astley believes introverts are good listeners. 

Extroverts are “social, talkative, optimistic, outgoing, gregarious, pleasant, & prepared to take risks,” says Nancy Colier, psychotherapist, public speaker, & author of The Emotionally Exhausted Woman: Why You're Feeling Depleted & How to Get What You Need. 

“They are more prone to discuss them out with others than internalize & hold them inward,” adds Astley. 

Although there are many distinctive qualities of both introverts & extroverts, the source of these diverse personalities is where they derive their energy from. 

Introverts recharge alone, whereas extroverts recharge with others. Are you fatigued (introverts) or energized (extroverts) by social interaction? ʼ 

Do extroverts handle problems by talking or introverts by thinking? Are you an introvert or extrovert? “ Do you introduce yourself to strangers (extroverts) or wait for them to approach you (introverts)? 

Extroverts are more gregarious than introverts, although they don't always succeed at socializing. Here are some recommendations for introverts & extroverts to make Christmas socializing easier. ʼ 

They can achieve this by accepting that social events make them more exhausted. “Accepting ourselves is the key.”

“Be careful of your boundaries & others,” she advises. when “When you're in the party season, or somewhere social. 

Stop for a moment & notice the joy & nourishment you are receiving from the experience,” adds Colier.

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