Ways for Managing your Loneliness

COVID-19 isn't the only global outbreak. According to Mailman School of Public Health, loneliness is an epidemic. 

Cigna found that 79% of Gen Zers, 71% of Millennials, & 50% of Boomers feel lonely. 

Since then, SARS-CoV-2 isolation has brought the issue to the forefront, producing the ideal storm. 

Living alone doesn't mean you're lonely. Felt lonely? Some who are alone don't feel lonely, & vice versa. 

82% of British moms under 30 feel lonely sometimes, & 42% feel lonely often or usually. Young mothers are seldom alone. 

Here are healthy methods to combat loneliness. Young adults who use social media heavily are more likely to feel socially isolated, according to a 2017 study. 

These platforms may focus more on likes, "friends," & follows than social quality. Instead, spend more time online connecting with individuals through organizations or support networks. 

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