United States' Favorite Dog Breeds

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Labrador Retrievers are outgoing, gentle, and even-tempered, making them popular pets, especially for active families.

French Bulldog

These large, hardy dogs are full of energy and require little in the way of grooming, despite their robust build.

Cocker Spaniel 

A smart and mellow dog, this one enjoys being in the thick of things. These gorgeous pups are highly intelligent, and they will love you forever.


With their loose head skin, furrowed brow, and pushed-in nose, these brave pups are easy to spot. Bulldogs need regular exercise and a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight.

Springer Spaniel 

Springers are a beautiful, energetic dog breed. People-pleasers who love long walks, fetch, and swimming.

Golden Retriever

These beautiful and friendly dogs have a gentle, caring temperament, making them ideal for families.


Dachshunds are pack dogs and are protective of their families. These smart breeds love to play but don't need much exercise.

German Shepherd

This large, muscular dog breed can reach 26 inches, so you'll need lots of space. While confident and gentle, German Shepherds can be aloof.


Their Instagram popularity is well deserved. These smart, quiet dogs enjoy gentle play and cuddling.

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Miniature Schnauzer

These sturdy canines are the best option if you want a dog that won't shed much. We love their unkempt appearance and their openness to training.