Unbeatable Egg Recipes

Eggs are versatile & used in sweet & savory cuisines. 

Poached eggs & omelets for breakfast, deviled eggs & substantial curries for lunch. Towering meringues & custard for dessert. 

French toast-style crumpets are salty, crunchy, & flavorful. Crumpets are dipped in egg mixture & fried like French toast. 

Parmesan, bacon, & pepper add flavor. Even if you're cooking for one, make two omelets – one for now & one for a sandwich tomorrow.

 This quick breakfast features green chili. White bread makes it what it is. 

Shakshuka consists of poached eggs, tomato sauce, & spices. This dish adds sweet potato, which soaks up the eggs well. 

Cheddar adds delicious saltiness. This brunch meal uses a perfect cheat's hollandaise.

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