Warning: UK Victorian illness cases are rising

British residents have been warned that Victorian illness instances are rising. 

Here are the symptoms.. Scarlet fever, a wintertime childhood ailment, can be contracted by anyone. 

GP consultations of scarlet fever in England have been greater in 2022 than in the previous two years & have stayed elevated later in the season than predicted. 

The Government warns that while this atypical pattern "may persist in the future," the current rise may be "a likely effect of the withdrawal of measures introduced during the coronavirus pandemic". 

Scarlet fever symptoms include a sore throat, rash, headache, high fever, nausea, & enlarged neck glands. 

12–48 hours later, a characteristic rash might develop from the chest & tummy. Doctors also advise parents to watch for small, raised bumps that make skin feel rough & sandpaper-like. 

A white covering on the tongue may peel, causing a "strawberry tongue" with red, puffy, & bumpy skin. Doctors say children & adults have these symptoms. 

The rise in cases Dr. Chun Tang, GP & Medical Director at Pall Mall Medical, said: β€œIt's been quite infrequent in the UK for the previous few decades but cases have been rising. It's contagious.” 

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