Two NASA missions analyzed new marsquake

NASA watches Mars closely. With over a dozen current missions on or around Mars, they can follow its daily weather & spot minute surface changes. 

Today, astronomers found a considerably bigger change: two new massive impact craters in the Martian crust. 

According to two new studies published in Science, these are the largest impact craters found by MRO to far. 

“We never expected we'd see anything this big,” said MRO/InSight team member Ingrid Daubar. 

We've measured earthquakes for centuries, but marsquakes are newer. 

InSight, which landed on Mars in 2018, has documented over 1,300 marsquakes. NASA & other research teams can explore Mars' core, mantle, & crust with the lander. 

To truly understand how rocky planets like Mars & Earth form, we need additional knowledge on how they're organized. 

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