Travel experts' scariest places

Traveling TV shows, authors, & social media influencers often wax poetic about the world's best places. 

Europe's most lovely villages, Africa's most exhilarating safari, the Caribbean's most stunning beaches. 

We hear less about places that frightened people. In the spirit of Halloween, we asked seasoned travelers which places scared them the most. 

Others were spooked by decaying guesthouses with spooky sensations. Rick Martinez, a history lover & recipe author, felt compelled to visit Rye, a 13th-century pirate harbor. 

Martinez's friend "felt a very nasty presence" at the Mermaid Inn, a hotel famed for ghost sightings. The gang left with goosebumps & proceeded to sleep down the street. 

Martinez woke up in the widow's attic he shared with a friend. “I felt paralyzed, then I noticed a woman roaming around our room with a knife,” he adds. 

"As I watch helplessly, I hear my companion choking." Martinez says his friend stated the next morning that "whatever was bad in the tavern followed us home & was trying to strangle her in bed." 

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