the Zodiac Signs That Make You Laugh the Most

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Any sign can be funny, but Capricorns prefer not letting their emotions (or laughter) show. Capricorns can be difficult to understand, especially if you don't get their dry humour. Cap, loosen up and make fun of yourself!


Aquarius isn't last because they're not funny; they prefer others'. Aquarians are shy at first, preferring to share their humour with close friends. It's fine to prefer giving laughs to receiving them, but don't hide.


Cancer's self-deprecating humour can be awkward for outsiders. Cancers prefer blunt humour, which can be acquired. Make sure others know you're joking to dazzle them with wit.


Taurus' humour is low-key. Nobody will hear their joke. They'll whisper a funny comment to a friend, causing inappropriate laughter. Share your wit with the world. Laughter is good.


Long, funny tales? Helpful Pisces. Pisces tell stories but lose their audience. Always check in with others to make sure they haven't checked out ten "then I was like..."s ago, and you'll be the group's go-to storyteller.


Everyone asks, "Is that Aubrey Plaza?" because of Virgo's dry, self-deprecating humour. They can spot irony and cut tension with wit. When it works, this type of humour is great.


Scorpios love deep conversations but can be funny. Well-handled dark humour can be funny (see: Heathers). Scorpios should avoid hurtful or offensive jokes and know when they've gone too far. New friends will laugh uncontrollably once they "get" your humour.


Being funny helps Leos attract attention. They act out outrageous stories for comedy, voices and all. If they showboat, they'll have problems. Leos can be funny.


Aries are goofy and use physical comedy. Aries are natural-born leaders who use jokes to reassure teammates, coworkers, and friends. Aries love silly walks, funny faces, and pratfalls. No self-harm!


Geminis are clever. Gemini jokes without being cruel. They can use sarcasm on themselves. Long stories bore Geminis, but they love sarcastic comments and one-liners.


Friendliest Libra is a social butterfly, so they're funny. Smile, Libras smile. Does this mean they'll be embarrassingly nice? Yep. Everyone laughing? Certainly.


Sagittarius is witty. Archers make you laugh in any situation. Sags can make a crisis funny. Storytellers can make any day funny. Sagittarians are essential.


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