We lack our ancestors' confidence because you can do as much as we can. Men approach warm smiles.Our 4-legged primate ancestors attracted men with swollen vulvas, says Dr. Pat Allen. Since we're on 2 legs, parts are hidden, so evolution put the mating magnet on our lips.

Just keep on grinnin'

Smiles and eye contact subconsciously tell men you approve of them as mates. humans have more white in their eyes than other species because we communicate more with them. Choose an eyeliner that accentuates your lovely gaze to play up your optic communicator.

Try making eye contact and then breaking it off

After looking at him for three to five seconds and smiling, you resume your previous activity. Pass your other hand through your hair, tangle it, and allow it to fall from your nape to your collarbone. The seductiveness and playfulness of your hair, combined with the tenderness of your neck, will activate his hunt mode.

Tweak your hair around

You may want to use nature's sexual elixir while out and about. Arching your back reflects lordosis behaviour, which female mammals exhibit during estrus. Estrus means the female has approved of their mating dance and is sexually receptive.

Arch your back and lift your shoulder

If you're hitting all the right spots and a young buck is watching you, take a walk to invite him along. Create your own space to get his attention. Physical behaviour, not talk, allows wit, humour, charm, and accomplishments to attract. This can wait.

Let him into your inner circle

Dressing well can attract men. Dressing uniquely is a fun way to show off your looks and personality. Using your clothes to express yourself can also help you attract romantic partners. If he's a good match, he'll like what makes you unique.

Exhibit your sense

Both men and women value intelligence and kindness in long-term partners. Intelligence shows problem-solving and parenting skills, and kindness is a social asset and source of solace. Show him humour to make him smile. Show off your confidence and positivity in social situations. Even honesty is a coveted quality.

Demonstrate some of your individuality

Healthy relationships require communication. Give meaningful compliments and use his name to attract men. Tell him why you're upset. This applies to long-distance and short-term relationships. Keep the conversation going by texting him at work.

Get your point across unambiguously

Listen carefully to what he says; he wants someone to help him with his problems. Most want trustworthy partners. Encourage him to pursue career or personal goals. If he's sad, a hug or handshake can help. Assist him.

Offer emotional support

Non-sexual physical affection is essential to attracting and retaining his interest. Frequent cuddling, kissing, and caressing was directly correlated with men's relationship satisfaction. Ensure physical displays of affection, and do not underestimate the power of innocent and tender expressions of love and adoration.

Demonstrate some love

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