The 7 Most Common Side Effects of the Keto Diet

The "low carb-high fat" ketogenic diet claims to help with weight loss and inflammation. By eating fewer carbs and more fat, the body enters "ketosis," when it burns fat for energy instead of sugar.

Some people, especially those with health issues, may struggle to become keto-adapted. Everyone should know about probable keto diet side effects before starting.

"Keto flu" is a well-known adverse effect of ketosis. The keto flu can include a runny nose, lethargy, nausea, and headaches. These symptoms originate from a dramatic diet change that lowers blood glucose. These symptoms should disappear after a week of high-fat, low-carb eating.

Keto Flu

As your body adapts to less sugar, you may experience increasing cravings for high-sugar meals. The body relied on glucose from food for energy before. The brain sends messages to the body to seek out sugary meals when you cut back on sugar.

Sugar Cravings

Between consuming sugar for energy and ketones from fat, your body may be unclear how to function. Your body may feel sleepy for a few days, like it has a moderate hangover or lack of sleep. On the plus side, this adverse effect can be remedied with keto-friendly bullet coffee.


When starting the keto diet, your brain and body adjust to using fat as energy. This leaves little room for physical activity beyond the bare minimum. Allow yourself a break as your body adapts to your new lifestyle. Once ketosis kicks in, you'll be stronger than ever.

Low strength and endurance

In the early phases of the keto diet, heart palpitations may occur. This is usually due to a lower glucose intake. The body responds to low sugar by generating cortisol, a stress hormone that releases stored glucose. This chemical reaction can momentarily impair regular cardiac rhythms, a typical side effect of stress.

Heart Palpitations

When entering ketosis, minerals and electrolytes are eliminated from the body through urination in larger proportions than usual. This can cause dehydration. Drinking electrolyte-rich beverages like broth and taking mineral supplements can assist.


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