Telltale Indications That You Have Been In A Past

There are others who believe that our souls are immortal entities that continue. 

To incarnate on this earth & possibly others as well, all the while gaining knowledge about life, the cosmos, & everything else as we go along. 

People who believe in reincarnation sometimes discuss the concept of "soul groups." 

This refers to the notion that certain groups of people will reunite in subsequent lives, even if their specific roles will change. 

In a past life, a person may have been a friend or a relative, but in a future existence, they may have been a lover. 

The love that two individuals share can endure throughout their entire lives in this way. 

We've all been in situations where we've met a new person & had the sensation of having an instant connection to them, almost as if you were destined to be close with them. 

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