The possibility exists that vending machine fare from one of the largest fast-food businesses will become a fixture in the near future.

Subway claimed the initial placement of one of these refrigerators at the University of California San Diego in September was met with "very positive" feedback.

Subway tested "on-the-go" subs in 2020. Franchisees create and distribute sandwiches to retail sites like casinos and hospitals.

Subway Grab & Go is successful because the sandwiches are always delicious and the brand is well-known.

As Subway's off-premises innovations grow, customers can expect to find Subway Grab & Go and smart refrigerators in more public settings.

These premade sandwiches from a vending machine are the polar opposite of the customizable options that made Subway so successful.

Subway vending machines have AI and NLP, the company revealed. Guests can query the smart fridge about any food within.

Weight-sensor shelves guarantee customers are charged accurately, facilitating a cashless, contactless transaction.

Sanitizing with UV-C light after each purchase also aids in keeping the freshness and safety of the food you buy.

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