Starbucks Summer Remix Menu

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A cold beverage is the best way to beat the heat. In addition, America's largest coffee company is giving customers even more drink options to cool off as the dog days of summer continue.

The Starbucks app is launching a Summer Menu Remix this week, which features updated versions of the coffee company's iconic drinks.

The Pink Drink is an even sweeter variation on the original, topped with vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

The strawberry a├žai base, coconut milk, and strawberry scoop are all still present in the drink, but it has been covered with a coating of vanilla-flavored cold foam.

The Black Tea Lemonade Blended with Ice is the next option. The coffee chain's Arnold Palmer-inspired drink is elevated by this menu item by adding ice to give it the consistency of a frappuccino.

For fans of caramel, there is the Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew in a cup lined with caramel. Customers can also choose to have the cup drizzled with mocha sauce to change up the flavour profile.

Cold Brew and Lemonade, an unexpected combination of two popular iced beverages, completes the Summer Remix Menu.

These customization options may be used on any Starbucks beverage in addition to the pre-designed products. All you have to do is sign into the Starbucks app and select "Customize" to place an order for a "remixed" beverage.

Fans of Starbucks can anticipate further new menu options in addition to the summer drinks that have been altered. Due to a recent Instagram leak, we now know that Starbucks' fall menu will debut on August 30.

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