Some ways to reduce sugar intake

If you want to cut back on the amount of sugar you take in on a daily basis. 

One of the most apparent places to begin is by reducing the amount of ordinary soda you drink & the amount of sugar you put in your morning cereal. 

But what if you've already made significant progress in cutting back on the obvious sources of sugar in your diet? 

There is a good chance that you are still taking in more added sugar than you are aware of due to the consumption of some common meals. 

If you want to sweeten your bowl of oats or cereal without adding sugar, try topping it with your favorite fruit instead. 

Instead of drinking sugar-sweetened beverages, go for something with fewer calories or no sugar at all. 

Better yet, drink water (plain or sparkling). Instead of eating cookies or pastries for dessert, try fruit instead. You can reduce the quantity of sugar called for in recipes for cakes & cookies.

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