Some Solid Relationship Signs

Trust is essential in relationships. Trust your partner. 

Trust helps you through tough situations & makes you fall in love daily. 

It's more vital than love, say many. Why? Trust outlasts love. Do you trust your partner? 

Everyone should consider this. How can you trust someone? If you've had bad encounters, it may be hard to know if someone is trustworthy. 

Honesty is difficult. You want to be honest without hurting someone's feelings. 

White lies can protect your partner's feelings. This is wrong. Lying affects relationships long-term. 

Truth hurts, but it shouldn't stop anyone from saying it. Your partner honest? 

Not all horrible. Your partner won't damage you. They care about you. Truthfulness is admirable. Honesty makes individuals powerful. 

Nobody's perfect. Humanity. Learning from mistakes is good for a relationship. Mistakes are lessons. 

Admitting errors in a relationship means swallowing pride, so respect your partner's humility. It demonstrates they admit their faults. 

Your partner admits their mistakes. Be thankful for "I made a mistake" Small mistakes don't destroy relationships but ignoring them creates anger & distrust. 

Without trust, emotional connection is impossible. Trust & communication make partners feel safe & loved. Real relationship requires emotional intimacy. 

If your partner keeps hiding things, you should talk. Each spouse has privacy. Withholding information is wrong.

 Discover if your partner is hiding secrets. Checking your partner's phone is a no-no. Match actions with words. 

If your partner is honest, they'll act like they're in a relationship. Actions speak louder than words. Your partner's actions should match their words. 

They won't be late for supper if they promise. This helps determine a partner's trustworthiness. Having a match means you're safe. 

Your partner should enjoy your company & introduce you to new people. Actions should reflect priorities.

Yes, be honest with your partner, but keep some things to yourself. Does your partner share daily details?If yes, trust your heart to them. 

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