Sleepy? Every morning, know how to avoid it.

You may wake up fatigued after 7-8 hours of sleep. This could be caused by numerous things, but if you have a sleep disorder, visit a doctor. 

Sleep is important to your health, & when you don't get enough, it can cause health problems. 

You can also try sleeping-inducing foods & drinks. Changes in your habits could help you sleep better and prevent you from waking up weary. 

Here are some ways to avoid morning fatigue. Caffeinated drinks after a certain period can disrupt sleep. 

In large doses, these drinks might cause jitters or anxiety. Late in the day or at night, avoid these drinks. 

Peaceful surroundings help you sleep well. Noisy & uncomfortable sleeping conditions can lead you to wake up exhausted. 

Pressing snooze to sleep longer is natural. This may make you drowsy. Instead of clicking snooze, wake up when the alarm rings. 

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