Signs You Need A Man

Many women—too many women—fear being manless. 

The fear of being alone & detached keeps them with disposable males or the same dud year after year. 

Not shining examples of manliness, yet they fulfill the definition since they have the biological & physical characteristics. 

Compulsive man-seekers sacrifice a lot for a warm body in their beds or a new beau by their sides without giving themselves time to mend. 

Most of these women don't identify their addiction to new boo bliss or reliance on men. 

Unchecked, it erodes their self-worth & sometimes their health & safety. There are signals a woman is crazier about a man than the man himself. 

Nothing personal against J's boy toys. Their lives. Learning to live without a man is more empowering than landing one. Because you're experiencing your love life, you may miss important details. 

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