Signs of divorce

Staying in an abusive marriage—physically, se*ually, emotionally, or financially—is risky. 

Same if your partner abuses your kids. Abusive partners need to get help, like addicts. 

“Any form of abuse, in my perspective, is a reason to split from a spouse simply because oftentimes the abusive person. 

Possibly even the other partner, needs to do some kind of therapy that can't be done while the couple is together,” says Vilhauer. 

“It's safer for the other spouse to not be with the abuser while they're working on their own anger management.” 

Addiction—whether to drugs or gambling—can strain a relationship, especially if the addict refuses treatment. “If somebody's an alcoholic or a drug addict & you've done your best to try & convince this person.

 Your companion must also want to quit to succeed. Vilhauer says the addict must do a lot of self-work that the other person in the relationship cannot help with. 

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