Secrets to Living Longer

You can take actions to look younger & stay in shape. 

Scientists have studied anti-aging medications & supplements for years. 

However, there are ways to slow down aging & possibly add years to your life. 

Know these professional anti-aging secrets. The Age Fix: A Leading Plastic Surgeon Reveals How to Really Look 10 Years Younger author Anthony Youn, MD, of Troy, Michigan, claims sugar is the number one public health adversary of aging. 

"One study linked 184,000 annual fatalities to sugary drinks like soda pop & punch," he says. 

"They raise your chances of [type 2] diabetes, obesity, & aging due to the sugar in the drinks." 

Dr. Youn believes gluten-free diets are trendy yet sensible for some. Gluten—a protein present in wheat & other grains—triggers an immunological attack. 

On the intestines in about 1% of the population, causing celiac disease. To avoid malnutrition, fertility issues, osteoporosis, & other health issues, such persons must eat gluten-free. 

He believes gluten intolerance "may induce [gastrointestinal] pain, mental fog, weight gain & systemic inflammation" in others. 

Inflammation is the culprit in many disorders that shorten lifespans. However, experts advise against being gluten-free until necessary. 

Gluten-free diets are pricey & make getting nutrients harder. Dr. Youn says the pigments in colorful fruits & vegetables include anti-aging antioxidants. 

"Eat many colors to stay healthy & slow aging." Michael Roizen, MD, Cleveland Clinic's chief wellness officer & author of several books. 

Including Real Age: Are You as Young as You Can Be?, recommends flossing daily to reduce gum inflammation. 

"Inflammation is one of the largest causes of aging; it's linked to heart disease & stroke & impedes the immune system, increasing the risk of infection, cancer, & cognitive dysfunction," he says. 

"Flossing and seeing a dentist twice a year can prevent gum disease, one of the greatest sources of inflammation." Stressors are omnipresent. 

Reacting differently can have anti-aging benefits. Dr. Roizen says stress can damage health & lifespan. 

Dr. Roizen says stress management through guided visualization, meditation, deep breathing, or another technique can add years to your life. 

When he's stressed, he puts a finger on his belly button to feel his breaths and calm down. According to 2018 Aging & Disease research, vitamin D insufficiency is connected to several age-related disorders, many of which can decrease life.

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You can take actions to look younger & stay in shape.