Reasons Attraction is tough 

You're hot one minute, then fumes. How often have you met someone who checked all the criteria but lacked sizzle? 

Your head says "No!" but your body yells "Yes!" The factors that determine whether we respond "ooh, la la" or "thank you, next" to a potential spouse are connected. 

Our mammalian heritage predetermines our daily & species-wide survival. 

Even if you don't desire kids, evolutionary strategies help you find a partner. Money, power, creativity, & kindness are all subjective. 

Anything that gives our real or "never happening save in the mind of mama nature" offspring an advantage in life may become a feature we seek out. 

Hormones! We all have many hormonal scripts running at once. Hormones alter our smell, pleasure, & se*ual "giddy-up." Dopamine, serotonin, & endorphins make us feel good norepinephrine. 

They increase bonding (oxytocin) & partner receptivity. When we get the emotions, fear, or intensity, their levels shift dramatically, & the feedback loop can be intoxicating. 

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