R-rated sci-fi cult classic dominates Disney Plus

On only in Hollywood can you get two direct-to-DVD sequels, two feature length animes, and an animated TV series from a box office flop.

Starship Troopers supporters are happy to see more of the cosmos, even if it's only for the most ardent enthusiasts.

Critics slammed the 1997 sci-fi blockbuster as the latest in a long line of braindead, effects-heavy shooters with nothing beyond the surface when it premiered in November 1997.

Only $120 million in ticket sales, which is not ideal for a show that cost more than $100 million, was sold.

Because of this, it's fascinating to see how Paul Verhoeven managed to cloak a scathing satire on military, foreign policy, capitalism, fascism, and propaganda as an exciting interplanetary adventure and get away with it at the time.

After 25 years, we're pleased he did, since the dementedly entertaining end product remains a great watch, and it's even making a splash on an unexpected streaming service.

In some countries, Starship Troopers has been made available on Disney Plus, and it has returned the favour by being one of the most-watched titles on the service.

Arrive for the amazing set pieces, overlook the one-dimensional acting, and stay for the caustic satire and well-choreographed cosmic destruction.

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