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Back in the 1970s, a fast-food sandwich restaurant set itself apart by the relatively straightforward sandwich-making process of toasting.

Quiznos was selling its subs hot while Subway was still offering cold food, and people began pouring into its countless locations to test them.

However, Quiznos has since experienced a drop in popularity as evidenced by the fact that 94 percent of its sites have been closed since its peak 15 years ago.

Despite this, the business is debuting a new store design with enhanced cooking equipment that will enable menu creativity and efficiency in an effort to recover its once-impressive image in the fast-food industry.

The toaster used to be the focal point of the chain's back of the house, but the new restaurant prototype has a flat top grill and even a deep fryer, speeding up service and better preparing Quiznos to compete in the drive-thru market.

That was really the initial motivation behind our interest in those pieces of equipment, and once that door was opened, it allowed us to really go into the possibilities of additional menu items.

The Steak and Egg sandwich, Asian Steak Dipper sandwich, Steakhouse Philly sandwich, and Carne Supreme are new menu items that customers can anticipate trying at the new locations.

The chain's first vegan-friendly protein will be the Beyond Italian Sausage sandwich, which Quiznos is also offering, along with the Steak & Frites and Cobb salads.

The new eatery is actually a Quiznos that has been completely renovated and reimagined in response to changing consumer demand "Rego Restaurant Group's parent company's vice president of marketing and digital experience, Brent Phillip, said.

In order to provide customers what they're looking for today while also completely wowing them, considerable research was done before the pandemic and during the epidemic to determine what Quiznos should look like and feel like."

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