Without talk, your relationship will die. Respectful, effective communication brings you closer. Make eye contact, breathe, and speak from the heart. Learn to communicate your feelings and be a good listener.

Kind, continuous, and truthful communication

Giving up on a relationship when things go wrong isn't the way to happiness. You must deal with the discomfort of different ideas and opinions that hurt you.

Willingness to resolve difficulties & disagreements

Investing in your relationship is a loving act. Don't make "working" on your relationship a hobby. Discuss your favourite activities, places to visit, and ways to have fun.

Sense of humour, fun, and distraction from daily rigours

When you learn something about life or make a self-correcting move, tell your partner. You'll get a good response.

Loved ones share life lessons

There can't be much of a romance if neither person in the relationship really seems to care about the other. Support one another and express your feelings for one another.

Support, validation, compliments

They're The Foundation Of A Loving Relationship. Being Roommates Isn't Enough. A Couple Must Want To Be Together. There Are Many Ways To Rekindle Lost Passion. Just Try.

Intimacy, romance, and sex are all aspects of love

When we're working toward a goal, we're happier than when we've reached it. Make sure you have something to look forward to as a couple.

Sharing goals and dreams

They'll help you through a tough time. If you're together a while, you'll face losses, challenges, and things you can't fix. Storms are a big part of relationships.

Compassion, acceptance, and forgiving

Never befor tried may be better than tried and true. Couples who have unique date nights together strengthen their bond.

think outside the box

Everyone makes mistakes. Learning to forgive yourself and your partner will change your life and give you more joy. Knowing how to apologise can save a relationship.

Admitting and discussing mistakes

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