Over 7 000 Pounds of Sausage

As a result of an announcement made by Bob Evans on the recall of a substantial quantity of sausage products. 

More than seven thousand pounds, to be more specific—it is necessary to perform a second inspection of the frozen items in your home. 

Late in the week before last, the Food Safety & Inspection Service of the United States. 

Department of Agriculture made an announcement stating that the Italian Pork Sausage brand's sausages might be contaminated with foreign materials, one of which being blue rubber. 

The afflicted items, which are chubs weighing one pound each & containing "Bob Evans Italian Sausage," were manufactured on September 8, 2022. 

They have a lot code of XEN3663466 & a "USE/FRZ BY" date of November 26, 2022, with a time stamp ranging from 14:43 to 15:25. 

Additionally, the "EST. 6785" code will be printed on the USDA inspection mark. The sausages were distributed to stores all around the country. 

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