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One Relationship Tip For
Zodiac Sign

Aries love a good tug-of-war, but not every disagreement calls for a duel. If you fight just to fight, you'll lose.

Aries: Pick Your Battles

It's impossible to hide their feelings from a Taurus. Maintain an equilibrium between overly cutesy actions and smothering adoration. Your partner will miss you if you give them space.

Taurus: Let It Breathe

Geminis can get lost in their partner's company. Even the most interesting person eventually tyres. Pursue solo interests to stay fresh. More to talk about

Gemini: Nurture Your Own Interests

Cancers seek security in everything, including love. Learning to trust your partner will allow you to receive their love in a way that nourishes you both. Open up, crab.

Cancer: Trust Your Partner

In a relationship, Leo, practise playing second fiddle to your equally wonderful partner. They need to know you see their brilliance as well as theirs.

Leo: Let Them Shine

Virgos are hard on themselves, but they're even harder on their partners because they care. Learn to accept your partner's least the little ones.

Virgo: Accept the Flaws

Don't let your desire to be liked override your needs. Don't play "I could eat anything" if you want pizza. Your partner will love you more if you're assertive.

Libra: Be Yourself

Scorpio, you have terabytes of emotional metadata on anyone who's crossed you. In a long-term relationship, it's best to let go of small scuffles.

Scorpio: Lose the Grudges

Sag are too honest, rarely sugarcoating even their harshest opinions. Truthfulness is key to a good partnership, but how you say something is just as important as what you say.

Sagittarius: Watch That Tone

Capricorns value commitment. Sometimes it's necessary to relax and enjoy the joy of relationships. You're not less of an adult if you act foolish for love.

Capricorn: Lighten Up

Aquarians can be a handful when they're right. Love requires being open to your partner's perspective. Would you be with them if they weren't genius?

Aquarius: Lower the Know  It All Volume

Pisces is a self-sacrificing lover. You might even surprise your partner. If you always give in, you'll harbour resentment. Sometimes you need to take more in a relationship.

Pisces: Don’t Be a Hero

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