Alex, 23

At the age of twenty, I experienced my first heartbreak, and I sought my mother's counsel. What you tolerate in a relationship is all you'll get out of it, she warned. In many respects, that is absolutely true.

Bryan, 25

Just do it. My mother always said, "You can see a girl's future in the woman who gave birth to her."

Dan, 27

My mould cautioned me not to hurry. If you think she's the one for you, or if you can see yourself having a future with her, go for it. Never give in to her demands for something you're not interested in. Also, don't be afraid to express your emotions.

Johnny,  30

It is not going to work in the future if it is not working now.

Cliff Montana, 26

Watch how they interact with the wait staff. Every detail will be revealed.

Shayne, 29

As the saying goes, "Never, ever, ever, settle for anyone."

Thomas, 28

"My mom said, "If you're in a relationship, you're a team." You must compromise and realise it's no longer all about you. With power comes responsibility. To be a good boyfriend or husband, put their needs first. You're a team. Happiness is hers."

Barry, 34

Do not rush into a relationship if you are unsure of what you want out of it. Exercise patience until you come across the "perfect" partner.

George, 31


Grant, 29

The best people to fall in love with are your best friends. A piece of advice my mother gave me when I was a young child has stuck with me all these years.

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