Manchin-Schumer Deal Has a New Hurdle

A $433 billion tax and climate measure has Senator Joe Manchin's support, and the private equity sector, Democrats, and Republicans are all trying to figure out where Senator Kyrsten Sinema sits.

The negotiations between Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, which led to legislation that, among other things, would eliminate a tax advantage for fund managers known as carried interest, were not attended to by the Arizona Democrat.

Sinema has provided no indication as to whether she might cast the necessary 50th vote for the measure to pass in the Senate, despite her attention-grabbing demeanour in the traditionally conservative Senate.

As reporters questioned the 46-year-old at the Capitol on Monday night, her staff made no attempt to indicate that anything had changed.

Hannah Hurley, Senator Sinema's spokesperson, said earlier in the day, "Senator Sinema has no comment. She is examining the content of the proposed legislation and will need to wait to see how the legislative process plays out.

Democrats must have all 50 votes in their caucus to approve the bill in the Senate, which is evenly divided, if all Republicans are present and voting "no."

The second holdout preventing more ambitious Democratic aspirations was Manchin. However, Sinema becomes the crucial vote as a result of his work in putting this most recent bill together.

As senators return to Washington after the weekend break, Manchin told reporters on Monday that he planned to chat with Sinema, whom he described as "a dear friend."

Manchin and Sinema weren't heard conversing on the floor on Monday, but it's not clear if they did so privately. Manchin walked out of the Senate chamber without saying anything.

The final medicine provisions in the law were mostly crafted by Sinema, who approved them after a planned 95 percent tax on pharmaceutical companies that do not lower their prices for people with private insurance was dropped.

The main reason the more modest Inflation Reduction Act proposal that is currently on the table doesn't undo the corporate and individual rate decreases under Trump is because of Sinema.

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