"Learn About Autumn anxiety" 

"Yes, "hot girl summer" must cease. Many people feel uneasy, anxious, & stressed when the seasons change, especially fall.

 Julie Lowe, CEO of Socially Aligned, calls the three-month stretch of October "autumn worry." 

Back to school, the holidays are coming, & New Year's is near. You may feel sweaty palms & a racing heart while reading this. 

If so, you may have autumn anxiety. Lowe compares fall anxiousness to the winter blues. "We're back to reality now that fall has arrived. 

Shorter days, heavier schedules." "A lot of changes are happening at once this time of year," she says. 

"It may be a hard transition phase that produces stress & poor mood as the season changes." Seasonal anxiety affects children & adults alike. 

Tri-State journalist Courtney Leiva remembers fall worry from elementary school. "I hated school more than other people, & going back always sparked a lot of these sentiments."

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