Latin Recipes, Chef Cuban

Food is a culture's essence. Explore Hispanic food this Hispanic Heritage Month (or any month). 

You'll consume rice, marinated meats, juices, & carbs. Far & Wide talked to Cuban chef Patty Morrell-Ruiz about her favorite Latin meals. 

If you can't find them at restaurants around you, try her authentic & distinctive dishes. 

These delicacies will satisfy outsiders & homebodies both. Chef & educator Patty Morrell-Ruiz. She was born in Miami to Cuban parents who fled Castro's tyranny. 

She's the author of "The Essential Cuban Cookbook" & The Mad Table. 

We'll share some of her secrets before sharing her favorite Latin foods (with recipes). Morrell-Ruiz uses Tio Pepe sherry in her daily life. She advises cooks to "alter, innovate recipes. 

Follow her for crave-worthy posts. Her recipes are so fantastic you probably won't need to improvise. Here are five. Carnitas is a top Mexican dish. Period. Tender pork simmers for hours. 

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