South Korean police confess Halloween tragedy

South Korea's police chief confessed "great responsibility" for failing to prevent a crowd surge that killed. 

More than 150 people during Halloween festivities in Seoul, saying officers didn't efficiently handle previous emergency calls. 

The South Korean administration is facing increased public scrutiny over whether the crowd surge. 

Saturday night in Seoul's Itaewon area could have been stopped & who should accept responsibility for the country's greatest disaster in years. 

Yoon Hee Keun, chairman of the Korean National Police Agency, said he felt responsible for the incident. 

Yoon said an initial inquiry indicated that numerous individuals warned authorities about the risk of a throng gathering in Itaewon, but officers didn't respond adequately. 

Yoon said police have initiated an internal investigation into how officers handled emergency calls & responded to the crowd surge in Itaewon that night. 

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