Jackie Kennedy restores the White House

First lady Jacqueline Kennedy oversaw the restoration of the Blue Room in 1963. By Robert L. Knudsen, this photograph

After First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's redecoration of the Queens' Sitting Room on August 28, 1963, Robert L. Knudsen snapped this picture.

Second-floor Executive Mansion has a sitting area. Mrs. Kennedy, who owned the living room's tea table, added the dark blue and white cotton wallpaper and black and gold furnishings.

At the White House staff Christmas reception in 1962, President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy were in attendance. Cecil Stoughton took this picture.

Cecil Stoughton captured this image of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and members of the American Institute of Interior Designers (AIID) on June 12, 1962, during the official opening of the White House Library.

Henry Frances du Pont managed the renovations, which were made possible thanks to a grant from the AIID. A roughly 1810 octagonal table, a French Aubusson rug, and a newly installed chandelier were among the additional additions to the area.

While John F. Kennedy served as president, this elevator hall was located on the Second Floor. Similar to the Center Hall and East and West Sitting Halls, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy redecorated this area.

Henry Francis Du Pont and interior designer St├ęphane Boudin were responsible for acquiring and arranging the furnishings in the room, which was designed by Sister Parish.

Yellow Oval Room built in 1963 for the Kennedys. Cecil Stoughton took this photograph.

Robert L. Knudsen captured this image of the Yellow Oval Room on May 8, 1962, during the tenure of President John F. Kennedy.

After Edward Albert, Queen Victoria's son and future King Edward VII, visited the White House in 1860, a chamber in the President's Dining Room was renamed the Prince of Wales Room.

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