Intimacy Warning Signs

Mindfulness is sensing your innermost self rather than listening to your thoughts' chatter. 

These thought patterns protected you as a child when you had less power, but they keep you hidden from your partner. 

Whether they've been together months or years, couples sometimes fear intimacy, leading to shame or indifference, the opposites of mindfulness. 

Mindfulness improves intimacy, so follow advice that closes the gap. Bad habits in your partnership are the first step. 

Indifference erodes closeness. You must respect your partner's differences. 

These patterns self-fulfill. If you can hide terrible sentiments from your lover, you can do it again. The toxic buildup can continue until you explode. 

Share each other's emotional hiding spots to avoid apathy. Never inform your lover... Your secrets make you sick. Relationship secrets breed apathy. 

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