Ideas for a Herb Garden

Herb gardens, whether in a few closely spaced tiny pots or a single huge planter, are always welcome additions to any outdoor space. 

As an added bonus to the lovely presentation & enticing aroma, you'll have a generous helping of fresh herbs for your culinary endeavors each & every day. 

It won't take long to amass a sizable herb collection once your herb garden is up & going. 

Try mixing in some more exotic herbs like chocolate or ginger mint, or flavored leaf sages like orange & lemon, alongside the more commonplace rosemary, parsley, & thyme. 

In addition to benefiting your garden as a whole, especially if you're planting veggies, flowering & scented herbs can also attract beneficial pollinating insects. 

Try growing your herbs vertically or in containers that you can suspend from the ceiling if you're limited on floor space. 

Having everything you need in one convenient location also makes your kitchen garden ideas more practical.If you enjoy the concept of growing everything in one large container.

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