How to work smarter every day

Even without a global pandemic, national inflation, or climate concerns. 

Workers have been stressed to the point of burnout due to an always-on, must-succeed-at-all-costs. 

It's-me-against-the-world attitude celebrated everywhere from TV shows like Succession to billionaire executives bragging about their 100-hour work weeks. 

The tide is turning (hopefully). Companies & employees emphasize attentive work & sustainable energy use. 

How do we slow down when we're inundated with emails, texts, & calls? We can use technology to our advantage if we work smarter, not harder. 

Slow down & level up using these tips. When a day is so packed of meetings that nothing gets done, we've all been there. 

Meeting creep happens when we invite everyone without considering if they need to be there. Slack has developed new, digital-first ways of working to allow for attention, non-traditional commitments. 

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