A man wants a woman who views him as the hero he's always wanted to be. When you do, you may be surprised by how heroic he actually is. That's manliness, ladies. He'd die for you if necessary. Now if that's not a hero, what is?

Honor and respect him

If you want a man to love and commit to you. Don't treat him like a project. Don't modify his clothes, friends, speech, or hobbies. Find someone you can respect and appreciate as-is. When he needs aid, he'll ask.

Don't make an effort to alter his personality

Men can protect and provide for women. If he risks his life to protect yours and invests his time, energy, and fortune to provide for you, all he wants is thanks. Men enjoy women who appreciate his efforts, even if he can't give them everything they want.

Express your appreciation to him

A woman's beauty and grace attract men, as does her nurturing nature. Before you call that sexist, we're talking about two individuals who join a cooperative relationship to love, care for, and improve each other's lives. The beauty of a partnership is when both parties want to give.

Love him

Men are simple. By fixing problems, they prove themselves and occasionally they may make the mistake of trying to fix you.If you're continuously dissatisfied, he'll feel like a failure and try to separate himself from you.

Be hopeful and accept love

Honour is important to true male energy and its rule of conduct. Whether they're actual soldiers or metaphorical "warriors" on the field, having your partner's back is crucial. A man won't commit to you if he doesn't think you'll protect him.

Protect him

Women often try to define a relationship or bind a man too fast. Her demand for "security" conflicts with his desire for independence. When you find out why he won't give it up, you'll understand. Be courteous and don't rush him; he'll exchange his freedom for something better.

No smothering

Be sure to show him that he has your undivided attention by maintaining eye contact with him for extended periods of time; this has been shown in a landmark study to increase the likelihood that two people will fall in love.

Get his attention with psychology

 People who use open body language are perceived as more beautiful and desired. Lean toward him, avoid sealing off your body by crossing your arms, and turn your chest to face him. The presence of these nonverbal clues is guaranteed to heighten his interest in you.

Use open body language

If he doesn't realise you're interested, he probably won't reciprocate. Vulnerability is the key to a good relationship and true love and makes you feel closer emotionally. You'll be in his mind and heart. When his heart opens and "feeling" enters the equation, he'll see your "logical" benefits.

With him, feel free to be open and vulnerable

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