When you feel like things are out of control in your life, the worst thing you can do is look around your messy bedroom.

Prepare your own bed

Nothing beats a warm shower while you daydream. Warm showers help you escape reality and regain motivation.

Hot shower

Even new pyjamas can make you feel clean and productive. Fresh clothes on your skin and removing dirty ones. You feel good.

Dress up

You gave your email to a few store clerks to get sales and promotion notices, but half of them are useless. Decluttering your inbox will reduce email and notification overwhelm.

Delete your email

Getting rid of old clothes will make room for new ones. Donating it improves someone else's life.

Donate clothes

When you stay in bed, your surroundings engulf you. Go use your laptop or watch a movie in your living room. A change of scene breaks a repetitive pattern.

Sit elsewhere besides your bed

When things are written down, they seem less bad. You can note appointments and goals. They're more doable.

Plan with a planner or calendar

Crisp air on your face can help you out of a rut. Not only does it refresh you, it keeps you active. The sounds of nature or a city will calm you.

Go for a stroll

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