How to be more positive in life, based on your zodiac sign

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Aries isn't shy. Aries lack confidence. Losing steam after two weeks of daily journaling. Focusing helps Aries avoid self-sabotage. Before starting a new project, Aries can write down their excitement. Fire signs can revisit their most passionate thoughts for optimism.

Aries: Cardinal

Taurus is gloomy. Taurus' fearlessness. Relax, bulls! Taurus texts cause "what-ifs" When uncertain, Taureans seek perspective. Life changes: best, worst, likely. Writing down your worries helps you decide which are excessive, worth considering, and what could happen if you let go.

Taurus: Fixed

You're optimistic because you love change. The twins like making new friends, reading, and TikTok. Geminis' moods swing, so avoid pessimism. Geminis can become tense and judgmental when stressed. "Is this person out to get me, or am I seeing the worst today?"

Gemini: Mutable

Positive thinking reduces cancer's sensitivity. Depression-related tumours isolate. Daily exercise will reduce your pessimism. Talk to a friend instead of hiding to listen to music. Outside perspective helps fight gloom and discuss feelings.

Cancer: Cardinal

Leos are optimistic, but it's hard to share. Leos become cold, jealous, and aggressive when threatened see their YouTube channel or Broadway acting skills. Leo, relax. Instagram likes won't dim your light. A rising tide lifts all boats, so everyone can shine.

Leo: Fixed

Virgo is optimistic about their ideas, but needs help spreading them. Lack of control and high standards can send Virgos into a fearful spiral. When you're in a spiral, take a break or ask a friend for help. Fresh eyes may help you focus on the positive.

Virgo: Mutable

Libras are romantic optimists. Libras can cause meltdowns by ignoring red flags. Your needs matter too. Find a breathing exercise that helps you stay optimistic. Use rose-colored glasses again.

Libra: Cardinal

Scorpios are emotional and optimistic/pessimistic. Secretive, obsessive Scorpios are pessimistic. Scorpios relive breakup betrayals. Positives when negative (think: you forgive, move on and meet someone new). Notate. You may feel robotic at first, but you'll think positively.

Scorpio: Fixed 

Congratulations, Sagittarius! Unmatched optimism. That was probably obvious. Sag always seeks meaning. "Hope and change" describes you. Because you're not used to it, pessimism can hit hard. You need a non-Sagittarius friend to help you overcome these feelings and regain your sunny disposition.

Sagittarius: Mutable

Self-critical Capricorns. They're the most pessimistic zodiac sign, but they can change. Caps shouldn't be isolated. Call a friend when everything seems quiet, scary, and terrible. Laughter and company can boost your mood.

Capricorn: Cardinal

Aquarians have a hard time appreciating the present. Aquarius' cynicism leads to existential thoughts. When in the future, list ten things you like about the present. Body scans and meditation can boost positivity. Focusing on the positives will help your future.

Aquarius: Fixed

mutable Pisces When they adopt others' pessimism, empathy and sensitivity cause problems. Pisces daydreams while his friends argue. Emotional Pisces. Pessimistic? Inspect. Really? Bad attitude? You can overcome feelings once you find their source.

Pisces: Mutable 

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