Hooters' Disappearing Reasons

The eatery known for chicken wings & beer turns 40 in 2023. Hooters was created in 1983 & has become an American icon. 

You may think of Hooters as a chain with locations in every major American city, but it's actually in decline with sites disappearing. 

The chain has been steadily dwindling from 430 units a decade ago. 

Smart Scrapers reported 311 Hooters restaurants throughout America in the spring of 2021, while ScrapeHero reported 304 by the fall of 2022. 

Hooters has outlets across Europe, Asia, Central America, & Africa, however many have closed. Why are so many "breastaurants" closing? 

Let's examine the matter step-by-step because there are many causes. During the pandemic, thousands of restaurants closed permanently. 

New York State Restaurant Association: 1 in 6 American restaurants closed. This featured one-off eateries, chains like Souplantation sometimes named Sweet Tomatoes, & many locations from other chain. 

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