Skin & Hair Habits a Dermatologist Begs You to Stop

Lynn McKinley-Grant, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, says some habits might damage skin. Popping pimples is a no-no, but so can rubbing your eyes when applying nail paint. 

Dr. McKinley-Grant explains these unknowingly hazardous skin practices. She lists seven undesirable behaviours below. 

Dr. McKinley-Grant is the dermatology advisor for Namesake, her daughter's skin-care company. 

Peeling off the skin or having your cuticles clipped instead of pushed back can alter the nail's structure, causing it to become uneven & bumpy. 

Dr. McKinley-Grant dislikes tweezing facial hair since it's simple to mess up. If you pluck, hold down the skin near to the hair before pulling it out. 

"Hair follicles penetrate skin fat. So if you hold the skin taut, you create a narrower space for the fat to come out of "saying, This makes it easier to remove the entire hair & creates less scarring. "Incorrect tweezing might cause scars. Waxing wins. 

Threading is good, even if it's a sort of plucking, while shaving causes ingrown hairs." Stop scratching your itching scalp with your nails. Dr. McKinley-Grant warns that digging too deeply can infect the scalp, causing hair loss. 

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