Habits Of Long-Term Couples

We want a healthy long-term connection. Most people don't know how to find compatible companions. 

Dating typically leads to time-wasting hookups. If you're frustrated of Tinder & want a long-term partner, create healthier behaviors. 

People value transparency. When someone exposes their true colors, you know what to expect. It's okay if not everyone likes them. It's better to be honest than mislead & waste someone's time. 

Straightforward people have the best relationships. Women who want to know if a guy wants a relationship or a hookup should practice reading the room & putting out the right vibes. 

Long-term spouses don't seek external approval & radiate confidence. Confidence attracts others. When you make your own decisions & know what you want, you know your worth & never settle for less. 

This attracts people who will boost you up & adore you, which we all want. Give individuals the attention they want & need to keep them around. Paying attention to others makes interactions more meaningful & respectable. 

Most attentive & sympathetic lovers give special attention to their loved ones. When you listen to your partner with genuine attention, they feel more comfortable sharing vulnerably. 

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